AQUAEL Pompa circulator 1000 (n)

  • The line of new pumps includes four models: CIRCULATOR500,1000, 1500 and 2000 with maximum capacities of 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 l/h respectively
  • AQUAEL Pompa circulator 1000 (n)
  • AQUAEL Pompa circulator 1000 (n)
  • AQUAEL Pompa circulator 1000 (n)
  • AQUAEL Pompa circulator 1000 (n)
  • AQUAEL Pompa circulator 1000 (n)
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Circulator 1000 pump is an Aquael offer distinguished by increased efficiency thanks to application of a modern, energy saving motor and high quality seals under the impeller chamber. They reduce efficiency losses to a minimum.
For the sake of comfort of users, thanks to its special construction, the pump has a stepless efficiency regulation system by means of an ergonomic knob on the pump outlet nozzle. Thanks to this knob, the power of the water jet can be easily adjusted to the needs of any container. The water outlet direction can be adjusted through 120°.

Operation and maintenance of the pump is easy and pleasant. Thanks to the ceramic impeller shaft, this centrifugal pump is extremely quiet and longlife, providing the aquarist with complete comfort.

The Aquael Circulator 1000 impeller pump owes its name to the efficiency with which it operates - 1000 l/h. It is an extremely efficient device that guarantees perfect condition of aquarium water.

All AQUAEL CIRCULATOR models are equipped with special shock absorbing suction cups that suppress possible vibrations transferred to the glass and additionally silence the operation of the device.

Since it is completely sealed, this impeller pump can operate outside the water, which results in high head, allowing to use the new circulators also as circulation pumps (e.g. in sumps). However, that is not all.

The Circulator 1000 aquarium pump also works perfectly well as an aerator, operating even at depths unreachable for other pumps. Wide range of additional accessories considerably extends the pump application range, allowing the aquarist to adapt it to the changing requirements - build on its basis effective mechanical, biological, chemical, UV-C filters etc.


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